Personal Rose

Rose Zolock may well be on your side. Whether you believe in the paranormal, the supernatural, the strange or whether you are of a more rational mind set, believing in science and empirical truth to explain what many want to call the inexplicable, Rose is willing to hear your story.

A story teller, Rose has a fascination with the human desire to believe in something beyond what we perceive. Her Irish roots combined with a pragmatic Yorkshire upbringing and a career in journalism and broadcasting means she approaches the unexplained head on.

Whilst she would love to claim to live in a crumbling old haunted house with a tower, complete with apparitions and creaking floorboards, she settled for a modern house built out of Yorkshire Stone and had the walls blessed with Holy Water before she moved in. Rose is far more likely to be found searching for antiques in a modern city. Rose loves shopping, especially for shoes (she blames Judy Garland’s Ruby Slippers), is very fond of cats of any description, she reads horror stories and biographies and she is hopeful that one day, she will learn to cook properly.

She has interviewed many who claim to have psychic powers or are able to talk to dead. One day she hopes to be convinced. And finally, show her a good French market, a string of wild garlic, a weekend in Whitby or a chance to practice her yoga every single day and Rose would consider life fairly perfect. Unless that floorboard creeks unexpectedly and the lights dim. Then, who knows what may be lying in wait…