Welcome to the world of author Rose Zolock – a world where the supernatural may be just a step away…

…behind a door, beyond a curtain, waiting. A slight movement, shimmering, indistinct, glimpsed out of the corner of your eye. But when you turn to look, it’s gone. That change in the air: unexpected. A suggestion of a creeping chill or a hint of musty smell: inexplicable. The ghost stories, the flickering candlelight, the ancient relic which lies in a dusty cabinet, all may reveal a history of the unspeakable.

Come and meet Rose Zolock, writer and explorer of the strange and the unknown.

Medium Wave

Hovering above her, emerging out of that gloom, being hewn out of the dense blackness, is a deep splurge of crimson as a shape opens up out of the dark air like a flower unfurling in front of her, casting aside shards of thick, textured dark matter as it billows and grows, pulsing, red and hungry, greedily towards her.

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Rose’s latest blog, Zombies & Me

So, it returns. The Walking Dead back for the second half of Season 8.

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